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Sunday, February 26, 2006

president believes

Does democracy contribute to a better choice of president?

Well, I think so.

In the past, Indonesia has to wait 25~30 years to replace bad president. Now the replacement could happen in two to five years. But does the new president is better than the former?

Here is the case:

The first president, Soekarno, believed in hocus pocus to lead the country, in addition to empty jargon such as berdikari, “go to hell with your aid” to US, and konfrontasi against Malaysia.

The second president, Soeharto, believed that his power determine by the condition of Merapi mountain. So when Merapi mountain throw up its lava, Soeharto force to step down by people power.

The third president, Habibie! Actually no body believes he is a president, but himself.

The fourth president, Abdurrahman Wahid, believe that sacrificing chicken to the holy ghost in South Coast of Java (ruwatan) will save his seat. The fact is, with the problem he created; even sacrificing an elephant is not big enough.

The fifth president, Megawati, has serious trouble with logic: she believes that Soekarno soul could guide her as a President. Therefore, Megawati pilgrims to his father graveyard to get a sign before she made big decision fro the country. Well, even when Soekarno alived he cannot save his own butt from Soeharto, how can he help her after his death? I loss with the idea!

The present President believes in media communication!

Yes, public relation and media strategist is all his concern. Rating…rating….and rating. Like the teen idol in the TV who confidence that SMS pooling will save the rest of her/his life.

That is why SBY spend his time watching TV, reading newspaper, listen to radio. He wants to know about his rating. If his rating decreases, he will call all his people (and ministry) and urge them to do some action to save the day.

If there are event he can show his face and look like a nice wise guy, he will attend it for the media coverage.

In my opinion: that is the trouble we get if we choose president base on media manipulation, he is crazy about media and does not care about his voters anymore.

Mr President, do you think the poor people will get better after your visit?

But then, his believe better than former president. At least he believe in something modern and some logic in it: public relation and media strategist with statistically proper sampling method.

Note: my friend who is a parliament member confirm to me about the President paranoid about his image in media, especially related all that popular polling and rating.

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