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though i can't change the world, i can always change myself. btw: tolong bantu Panti Asuhan Bustanul Aitam (http://ulim-orphan.blogspot.com/ ). Bank BRI, Unit Meureudu, Cabang Sigli, Aceh, Indonesia// Account Number: 3970.01.002291.53-4// On behalf of: Yayasan Bustanul Aitam// Swift Code: BRINIDJA. Contact: Ilyas Ibrahim S.AG, mobile: +62-(0)81362672600

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Thanks for your generous donation

My friend Hendra Harahap just donate again to Bustanul Aitam orphanage (see also my note on the orphanage, in Indonesian), in my hometown Ulim-Pidie. This reminds me to thanks all community and my friends who generously support the orphanage:
  1. villagers in Ulim who continually provide basic needs (rice donation and school fee)

  2. Hendra Harahap (Indonesia)

  3. Sister Zaynab Al Fatah (Australia), editor of Victory News Magazine

  4. Leela Young & Sam Stephen Stake (USA)

  5. workers of PT Indo Pacific Sheraton (Indonesia)

  6. Nahdatul Ulama by Beny Sya’af

  7. Hari Kusdaryanto (Indonesia)
With all your support we can do much better for these kids: better foods, living place, and school.

Actually I plan to create a blog for the orphanage, but I do not have spare time yet. I try my best to do it soon.

To thou who want to donate for the orphan in Ulim, you can transfer the funds to:
Bank BNI – Sigli Branch,
Account Number: 61093541
On behalf of: Ilyas IB/ Yayasan Bustanul Aitam
Swift Code: BNINIDJA

If you pass the area and want to visit the orphanage, the address and contact:
Yayasan Bustanul Aitam,
Jl Meunasah Krueng Keude Ulim
Jl Banda Aceh Medan KM 163, Aceh
Phone: +62-(0)644-545057
Mobile: +62-(0)8566162033

For more information, you can reach me by email or Yahoo Messenger rpidie.


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