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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

'economist' on the run?

By the end of my economic training at FEUI in 1996, unconsciously I apply everything on cost-benefit analysis and supply-demand principle. Rationality rules and market has it power on everything. Even if people behave irrationally, then there is always a way to rationalize the irrational behavior (or seem like it). While the market failure justify the present of government interference, the corrupt government always show how the bribery itself reflect the market works perfectly.

After finishing my master (in economic too), I have this great idea to become real economist: mean get PhD and write a lot of serious papers publish in international journal. Four years of trial and failure, I decide to stop the dream and cut loss.

Maybe my master degree good enough to be ‘acting economist’ (or pretend to be economist) or some thing like that. Well, in this country, popular writing seem to be more relevant rather than serious one in journal to claim to be an economist (just look all the name that people say economist in Indonesia, rarely they ever write in international academic journal).

Working in development job seems to be great too (Jan’02-Jun’06). Maybe I can apply this economic way of reasoning. Then in the middle of the way, when my career seems to go in the right fast-track, the temptation comes again.

Now its time to change my course once again. Answering my best friend offer to work for financial institution as analyst to support fixed income investment. A challenge that I cannot refuse. Just have to be sure whether the economic training really does something on me.

For sure, some feeling and empathy must be put into my heart so I can understand better economics as a social science rather than only cost-benefit analysis combine with ‘the market always work’ principle.


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