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Monday, April 10, 2006

meet Sam and Leo

Sam Bazzi, my Lebanese-American friend, finally come down to Aceh after his stay in Indonesia since September 2005. He accompanied by Leo, a Mexican who loves Indonesia too. Both could be considered as young Indonesianist.

Instead of coming to Aceh for tourism, they seem to prefer to chat about the reconstruction challenges. They arrived in Banda Aceh, 30 March, stay overnight there and then in 31 March heading to Sigli, Pidie, where I work.

In the afternoon, we sit at the beach discussing about what is the plan for tomorrow (1 April). Finally we decide that we will make a trip across Pidie region, from Sigli up to Ulim (my hometown). The intention is for them to see:

Here is our picture: from the beach, enjoy the coconut near my cousin shrimp-pond, Sam take on the coconut after making out with the shrimp.

In the afternoon we heading back to Sigli then to Banda Aceh and stay at my aunty home in TVRI, Mata Ie area.

In the following day (2 April) I drove them to airport, to find out that the ticket suppose to be for 1st April. Mmmmhhh, what kind of traveler who does not check out the ticket properly. Instead of worry about the flight, it seems Sam more eager to winking his eye at the girl in the ticket booth. Guy, you are in messy situation, try a little bit focus!

Fortunately, the girl like Sam and Leo and give them the seat at the last minute. What a day!

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