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Friday, February 03, 2006

feast vengeance - incomplete mission

The trip to Jakarta, 23-31 Jan, not only office trip, but also supposed to be a feast vengeance. Big plan in my head: jitlada, queen’s tandoor, jewel of india, kuppa, champa, sushi nobu, poke sushi, ajengan, and just name it all. Cause I want it and a lot of it!

Unfortunately, the big plan comes with bad time and bad strategy.

The food at Sari Pan Pacific hotel taste like garbage (24-26 Jan). Two days in row the hotel served the same menu: beef rendang, sweet-soar fish, and such thing that I have no interest to remember. The cake is quite okay, that crab cake, sweet chocolate, and so.

But on the whole, I hate the food.

I try to compensate my misery at night with a visit to Kuppa, Plaza Indonesia (Jan 24). As standard: green beef curry, tom yum goong, and vegetable (bean sprout is my choice). Again, I feel so so. Maybe my bad mood has ruined my appetite. The next night, Jan 25, I eat at Sushi Tei (Plaza Senayan). Name it: set of Oshumi Sushimori, my fave Salmon Belly Soup, Jumbo Dragon Roll, and Ebi Tempura. Thanks to my friend Sam Bazzi, my sister, n her husband for accompany me. Otherwise, I cannot imagine how to finish it all!

Salmon belly soup is the best, as always!

After big dinner, I need big drink. Dragon Fly is the place. This is my first time at that fancy place. Try the “one night stand” which the syrup was too sweet. Fortunately the ‘southern comfort’ always reminds me about the comfort living in the southern Jakarta.

Jan 27, lunch @ Kyoto teppanyaki; complete set of beef, seafood, and a lot of vegetable. And someone special as companion, AL. Full and satisfy! I feel suit to this place, especially in term of the size! Dinner @ spaghetti house, not my fave place. The spicy tuna spaghetti quite good. But I never understand Italian food. Italian Expresso is yes, the food is no go! The important thing, my friend all there: sweet Anna, aunty sari, Mami Lia, Jeng Rena, Pak Bido, Mas Adi, and Nature. What a crowd dinner!

Jan 28, lunch at The Café Cartel, Thamrin, with VV! One thing in my head; get that big chunk of beef steak and dump it into my stomach. Dinner @ sate senayan, menteng. Tahu telor (tofu & egg); so sweet & crunchy, mix with succulent taste. Add chicken sate. Across, is Mario’s Place. I suppose to get ‘bang-bang-boom’, my regular drink at MP. Everyone must try once! But I decide to get Black Russian and Vodka Orange, warm but no hip!

Jan 29 @ Bebek Bali, Taman Ria Senayan. It is a mini reunion of FEUI class 92. Around 40 more came. Surprisingly, not so many know that the crispy duck fried is the favorite food there. I’m not sure why most of my friends keep eating all that noodle, rice, vegetable, and fish. Try the crispy duck fren! Dinner @ Poke Sushi with Dela. Trust me: do not pass the dynamite, plus all crunchy roll (spicy tuna or dragon). Don’t ruin the taste, just take tea as your drink.

Jan 30, lunch @ Haveli! Damn, I don’t know that they only serve buffet for lunch. Great buffet, but I cannot get my spicy biryani and prawn masala. Well, I can get the at least: rice pulaw, masala dosai, samosa, and some other food (vegetable, mix meat, etc, that I forget the name). In the night, another big size dinner @ Hanamasa, Mahakam Blok M. it is all about the size, boil, and grill! Eat…eat…eat…, don’t stop till u get enough!

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At 11:27 PM, Anonymous Dicky said...

Wah, enaknya emang kalau masih single, bisa makan dari cafe ke cafe. Gue juga waktu masih belum punya anak bisa ke La Nan Thai dll hehehe
Yang pasti, jangan lupa menabung dan jangan sampai dinina bobokkan oleh Credit Card


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