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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

every time it rain, part2

Another rainy night, short yet heavy one. Iā€™m worry again about the housing project. Worry all the time!

Tomorrow we will have the house hand over ceremony. My partner told me several houses ready, many almost finish, the rest around 70% finish.

Hopefully tomorrow everything will go smoothly.

Several reporters confirm to come. If this success, we can do more for this region, my home land, home of the rebel. Hopefully!

(note: when Iskandar Muda, king of Aceh in early 1600s rebel against his uncle, Pidie is his base. Teungku Chik di Tiro, and his family, fought continuously (1874-1910) the Dutch invasion, his base is Pidie. Teungku Daud Beureueh (Darul Islam movement, 1953-1962) also from Pidie, with his main commando in Geumpang, a small town in mountainous area in Pidie. Finally, Teungku Hasan di Tiro, also from Pidie. Now you know why I name it ā€˜home of the rebelā€™)

Well, I tell u before about wet camp, here is the picture. So you can imagine what a downtrodden life they have! Especially in this rainy season.

My friend is calling his colleagues in the field. Discussing traffic problem in the area where hand over ceremony will be hold. A big tree fall down to the street. But I believe tomorrow the area will be clear!

Now, I just want to sleep, so I can wake up fresh & ready for tomorrow ceremony.


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