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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

every time it rain

Yesterday, I visited the house construction site, again (Dec 18). The house construction has progressed, a lot. Roof is ready and most of the wall cemented smoothly. Floor also cemented, though some part is still coarse. The wall is ready for first paint layer.

I thought: finally, we will have our show! And hopefully, the show will bring us more money for the tsunami victims or even conflict victims.

Yes, we plan to hold the house hand over ceremony in Dec 21. Our partner has invited important people, including an Ambassador of Donor Country.

I do have concern at that time. If the rain falls, we are in big trouble! In fact my partner, Mas Wawan, was joking that if only he can hire a shaman rain to chase away the cloud from the area.

Tonight, our worry comes into a nightmare. Damn…damn…damn! Suddenly rain drops heavily, like God against and curse our plan! I really stress out. They just paint the house, so it will be gone in the morning. Walah….I don’t know what to say. I rarely pray, even now I realize pray will not help me, for God sabotage my plan.

I thought it is only govt officer who harass our program, now I know….God maybe hate it too.

My brain jams again! So what can I do? Confuse, tired, and desperate!

Okay, never mind, forget the entire problem! So I click my media player, get some helloween, the hardest, to break out my hang brain: midnight sun, push, falling higher, and ride the sky!  

Blow it!!!!

Hoping the song can boost my spirit:

With magic in our hands
We are lost-and-found contenders
For a kingdom of our stand
Come together no surrender at all

When we unite
We're falling higher
When worlds collide
We'll stand straight in turmoil and fear
No harm coming near
(helloween , falling higher)

At 10.30, the rain drops lightly! Really tired now and hungry too. Headache! Damn, that people in the wet camp will get wash again. &%*(^@#&)_* pap lemo! (there, I curse again).

So it goes as Nazareth sing: every time it rain, i fall apart, than I start to remember. Every time it rain, I think of them (yehhh, a little plesetan).

Then…eat…eat…and eat. To survive my stress, eating is another solution.

(this post could not be uploaded last night, internet was down when rain, as usual. So I post it in the morning after)


At 4:39 PM, Anonymous dhika said...

nice story, but your claimed that God sabotaged ur plan is annoying me...
*salam kenal..:)


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