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Monday, January 23, 2006

Khanduri Uroe Sjuhada

Yesterday (Jan 22), I attended a kanduri (feast) for orphanage across Pidie district. The event held by GAM (Free Aceh Movement) to socialize the peace process and to pray for lasting peace.

The event was held in Cubo (Bandar Dua sub-district), one of GAM base. The late Abdullah Syafie (former GAM Military Chieft) was ambushed and shoot to die (22 January 2002) by TNI (Indonesia army) in that area.

So the day become the Hari Syuhada (heroism day) for GAM.

But yesterday, the commemoration was not full with war spirit, but it was full of confidence and spirit for peace.

Thousand orphans and villagers come to the event. The crowd caused traffic jam, so I have to stop the car around 3 Km from Blang Sukon, place where they held the event, and walk.

The cook already prepared since Jan 21. The people said the guests had come since around 09.00. In spite a lot of food flowing in to the place, at 12.00 the kids had to wait almost one hour to get the meal. The committee asked grown up people to wait after the orphanage for meal.

The place really crowd and the hot weather force some kids passing-out.

Considering the thousand crowd, the committee seem handling the event very well. Every one has their meal, though the grown up have it at 14.30. Health section ready all the time to assist kids and villagers who was tired.

After the feast, each kid got a ‘sarung’ (traditional garment). They look very happy during the walking back, though they also very tired.

At 14.00 o’clock I decide to go back. Well, I cannot stand anymore since I feel so hungry, yet I do not want to queue for the food. How can I queue while the kids already desperate for food.

Tired but happy. In my way, I pick up 3 villagers (2 was kid) who walk back from the event. If they walk, it was around 10 Km from the main road where there is public transportation.

Note: in the afternoon my friend told me that actually the committee prepared a special place for us, including after a session about reconstruction and rehabilitation in Pidie. What funny was, they wait for my present to give some speech. What a confusion!

Btw, now I’m heading to Jakarta (24-31 January). When I get back to office, I’ll tell you more.


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