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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Field Monitoring

Last week I did another field monitoring in Bireun district. In field monitoring, I directly discuss with stakeholders (government official, implementing partners officer, community leaders, villagers non-beneficiaries and beneficiaries) issues relates to the donation distribution. Here are several points that I try to find out:
  • does the donation reach the target (in term quantity & quality)
  • does the donation useful to the beneficiaries
  • how is the mechanism distributing the donation (transparency, public participatory, beneficiaries selection)
  • are there any special attention to marginalize/most vulnerable people (diffable, single parent, women, elderly, etc)
  • what is the impacts from the donations (both positives & negatives)

  • and general question “are there any problems”, such as corruption, unsuitable donation, etc.

  • are there any recommendation to improve the future program
While we may pretend to know better than the villagers, not surprisingly villagers learn faster and has more idea what is good for them. Well, it is their life, so they suppose to know better than me.

See also my previous post on Field Monitoring, with picture (pict1 and pict2)


At 9:32 PM, Blogger Blogger admirer said...

pak, nyontek parameter monitoringnya boleh gak?
mau tau ur type of project monitoring parameter
ps: suuzon dikit-pasti bakal di komentari balik "dasar mahasiswa, nyontek aja bisanya"

At 9:33 PM, Blogger Blogger admirer said...

wah curang!
masa komentar baru di view upon your approval! gak seru!

btw, mohon maaf lahir bathin, selamat hari raya iedul adha!


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