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Monday, August 04, 2008

Boh Engkot

Call it caviar (~ beluga fish egg), but for me it just boh engkot (acehnese for “fish egg”).

In Aceh, fish egg culinary is famous. One type is like juicy soup (white and light yellow color), the other is spicy thick curry. I prefer the latter. Usually tuna fish is the source for the egg, but other big fish also okay (snapper or garoupa).

Since I stay in Jakarta, where to get fish egg cook???

Well, for aceh style you can find it in Seulawah, Aceh resto. Seulawah has two places, one in Tanah Abang, the second in Benhil street, near the hospital.

The next resto with fish egg menu is Chamoe2. I like chamoe2 in Panglima Polem. The cook is quite spicy with yellow color and a lot of herb (known as woku cook). My type of cook.

Another place you can try for fish egg is Medan Baru, mix of Aceh and Padang food, in Krekot Bunder. Fried fish egg. I just wondering, why the chef so lazy, downgrading fish egg the as same as the chicken egg. Have some effort, and admiration, for the fish egg!

The last one and I consider the most spicy, resto Minang “Duo Sekato”, at Setia Budi. The easy direction, come from Bundaran HI to Sudirman, take the slow lane, then turn left to Setiabudi Street. One hundred meters from Sudirman, or after the Church, you can find the small resto minang. It is not a cozy resto, but you must try the food. Then you know what is Minang cook (sorry for I do not fancy Sederhana as serious minang resto). The curry is thick, spicy, and full of excitement. Unfortunately, some time it is too salty. Its everyone favorite, so grab it in the early lunch time or you will not get your share.

During my trip to Kuala Lumpur, I have a chance to taste young fish egg cook in an Indian resto at Ong Tay Kim market, Gombak. The curry leave aroma and additional herb turn me on. The taste full of ectasy.

Two variations on how they cut the fish egg. In Aceh, usually the fish egg cook in whole, or slice it into two pieces. The other usually cut the fish egg into several small pieces (3~5 pieces) and turn the inside out. The first style have firm slice, the later have more interesting shape and the spice penetrate better.

The most important thing is: the fish must fresh, or the egg will very smelly and taste itchy in the tongue.

So try boh engkot and give me some feedback!

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