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Friday, March 31, 2006

new coffee bean selection

There are two new selections in my coffee bean club:
  1. RAJA (as usual, I pick Sumatra Mandheling).

  2. Aceh Coffee Company.
Raja, I like it for the medium-roast, providing strong aroma with fresh taste while the mix of sourness-bitterness is there. To get stronger taste, I will grind it to a little bit finer.

Aceh Coffee Company with it ‘espresso arabica’ has a very strong taste, because of the dark roast as well as fine grind. What I do not like is the small bag only available in finer grind selection, make it difficult to store for longer time and losing it aroma rapidly.

Except for the price, I will recommend Aceh Coffee Company for your all day coffee time ;-)

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Saturday, March 25, 2006

sweet face

well, many of my friend complaint on my look with moustache & the hat. So here I change my pict for the popular demand. The blue seem suit my calm happy face. Always happy after a good meal with right companion.

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Friday, March 24, 2006

boh rom rom: i don't care anymore

I read the news in The Jakarta Post about our partner, UN Habitat work (BRR warns it may take over unfinished contracts, 8 March 2006). I calm my self then ignore it. Who care what big man with big salary say!

Later on, my boss informed all the officers that Kuntoro had been mislead by his subordinate who unable update the data properly.

Well, the news is out there big man. Better watch your word next time, we are partner in this confusion of construction.

Then I attended a seminar from Aceh Institute about “The Role of Local Human Resources”, as a presenter (btw, no clear definition what is ‘local’ human resources). The chair of the committee, a good friend of mine, teased me about the news and he suggested that I say something.

I flared up! Then declare (in Indonesian) something like this:
I don’t care what Kuntoro say, I do not work for him.
As much as I don’t care what media write.
I’m Pidie people, working in Pidie, for the people of Pidie.
It is the word my partner, the Pidie people, that become my concern!
The rest is not my business.

I’m so damn tired with so many people talking so many things. Yet they never really clarify or verify anything.

In this land where all people keep complaining about anything, from a relevant one up to a delusional one, you must have the ability to separate the noise from the information. Otherwise, you will end up distress and make the wrong decision.

So, here is a short stupid poem of mine:
     boh rom-rom hana di Geumpang,
     boh rom-rom na di Banda,
     diputa-puta, diputi-puti,
     di pe buet hana,
peng habeh di sekuet

the stupid poem say: BRR is not present in Geumpang, they are in Banda Aceh, they just twist here & there, but non is done, yet the money is gone!

note : boh rom-rom is a nick name that I fond for BRR (Aceh & Nias Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Body).

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

kids of the century

Here are pictures from field monitoring in Geunteng Timu (Batee, Pidie), in 16 March 2006. They are kids of the century, for their nice happy smile.

We implement livelihood (cash for work) and shelter program there. Today I come to check out how are the shelter construction progress and its impact on infrastructure there. The heavy load and high frequency of truck passing the area to supply construction material has caused the road and hanged-bridge spoils seriously.

Yet, I find that two kids smile happy for their pictures have been taken by me. You two kids: “layak dapat Bintang” (upsss, it is haram, well I give you Bintang zero then).

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Saturday, March 11, 2006

sugar cane juice law

The law is simple rule:

if you travel and pass the sugar cane juice maker,
drink at least two glasses of the juice.

If I’m not travel in the car, then the rule apply for my driver who must buy at least two package of sugar cane juice.

I buy it before Seulimum (around 40 Km from Banda Aceh), at Paru (Km 140), and at Glee Geuleungku (around Km 190). I buy it when I go, and when I return!

Yes! I’m very fond of sugar cane juice, since my childhood. In fact, I’m addicted to sugar, cane or brown sugar (from palm or coconut tree). I ate sugar as a candy. Sometime I mix sugar with little coffee powder, to add the excitement.

Later, I try my best to control my addiction. And many of my friend’s complaint if I eat brown sugar at coffee shop such as Starbuck or Coffee Bean.

During Ramadhan, when Muslim fasting, I often buy up to 3 glasses sugar cane juice for opening the fast in the night. No, I do not share it with anyone. It is for me, my self, and I, alone! One time, mistakenly the driver & security guards though that I asked them to buy 3 glasses to share it. Daaaa! Later I clarify and told them to buy additional package if they want, but do not touch mine!

So, sugar cane juice does rule!

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